How Do You Send a Text From Your Email Account?

In order to send a text via email, an SMS-to-email gateway must be used and the server of the number receiving the text must be known. Various places online offer server information for cellphone numbers, making it easy to locate the information needed to text any phone number using any email program.

Sending texts via email is free, making it an ideal solution for those who do not have unlimited texting on their phones. Typing on a computer or laptop keyboard is much easier for most people compared to using a cellphone's small keyboard, making it an easier way to send longer messages. The steps for sending a text via email are below.

  1. Locate the server.
  2. Locate the server for the number to receive the text by either asking the owner of the number or looking it up online.

  3. Locate the portal for the server.
  4. Every server uses its own portal for digital delivery. The information can be obtained from the server's website or from various places online. Verizon uses, Sprint uses and T-Mobile uses

  5. Complete and send the email.
  6. Complete the email by entering the entire phone number, including the area code, followed by the portal. The number should appear in the form of If the server requires, keep the message to a length of 140 characters or less and hit send.