How Do You Send a Telegram?


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To send a telegram, compose a message to be sent, and use a telegram company to deliver the message. Telegrams can be delivered anywhere in the world, and the estimated delivery time depends on the country and the chosen telegram service.

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  1. Write a telegram message

    Create a message for the telegram. Many telegram companies charge a base fee to send the message plus an additional fee per word, so count the number of words in the message to calculate the total price.

  2. Select a telegram service

    Choose an appropriate method of delivery for the telegram. Telegrams can be delivered via phone, e-mail or postal service. For messages that need to be delivered immediately, opt for hand-delivered telegrams for same-day or next-day service.

  3. Determine the telegram destination

    Decide the delivery location of the telegram. Depending on the telegram company, the shipping fee varies by country. Check the corresponding country's information page to obtain delivery details, including fees and estimated delivery time.

  4. Preview the telegram

    Review the telegram prior to delivery. Some telegram companies allow customers to preview the telegram's appearance before it is sent, so check the accuracy of the message.

  5. Send the telegram

    Finalize the shipping and price details and send the telegram. If a copy or proof of delivery is required, request a paper or digital copy prior to sending the telegram.

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