How Do You Send Free SMS Messages?


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You can send free SMS messages using a free messaging service online. In addition, you can type in a mobile number in Yahoo Messenger and send a text message to a friend's cell phone. Your friend can then send a text message back to Yahoo; this method works when you do not have access to a mobile phone.

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How Do You Send Free SMS Messages?
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  1. Use a free online service

    Go to Afreesms, and select the Send Free SMS tab at the top of the page. Choose a country from the drop-down list, and type in the mobile number in the numerical field. Type your text in the provided box. Next, type in the verification code, and click Send. Use this method when you have access to a computer and need to send a text message. However, the recipient cannot send a text back to the free service.

  2. Use Yahoo Messenger

    Install and open Yahoo Messenger on your computer. Type in a person's mobile number, and compose the text in the box. Next, hit Send. You can use this method to have a conversation with a friend, as any texts you receive come to your messenger. You can also use the Yahoo Messenger app on your phone to send messages; however, you at least need access to Wi-Fi if you have no data or mobile service.

  3. Use a phone app

    Use Pinger TextFree on your Android device or iPhone. Just visit Google Play or the App Store, and download the messenger to your phone. Use it to send free SMS directly from your device.

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