How Do You Send SMS From Gmail?

How Do You Send SMS From Gmail?

To send SMS from Gmail, you need to sign into the Google Labs version of Gmail. Open Gmail, click the Settings option located at the right side of the page, open the Labs tab, and choose the Text Messaging in Chat option. To activate it, click the Enable button.

  1. Select the recipient of the SMS

    Choose the recipient of the SMS from the list provided under the Gmail chat section, and move your cursor above the name of the recipient to display the Video and More menu. Click Send SMS to communicate with the recipient via free text messages.

  2. Provide the phone number of the recipient

    Type the phone number of the recipient in the provided blank space, and click Save. This process is necessary only if you are sending an SMS to the recipient for the first time. Once the phone number has been saved, Gmail does not ask for it again when initiating a new conversation with that particular recipient.

  3. Type your short text message

    Type your message in the provided chat window, and press “Enter” on your keyboard to send. Although Gmail does not charge its users for this service, the recipient incurs normal SMS charges when replying to the text message.