How Do You Send a Screen Shot in an Email?


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To send a screen shot in an email, you need to first save the screen shot in your hard drive and then attach that file to your email before finally sending it to the recipient. The screen shot file should be saved preferably in JPG format.

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To do this on your Windows computer, first go to the page for which you intend to take the screen shot. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard or the mouse wheel to focus on the part of the page that you want to display in the screen shot. Press the button on the keyboard labelled PrntScr, which is short for Print Screen. Paste this by pressing "Ctrl + V" keys simultaneously in Microsoft Paint program, and your screen shot is ready. Save the file with a JPG extension.

Open your email program, and after typing the content and recipient details, click on the Attach button, generally found at the bottom of the page. A dialogue box prompts you to select a file from a list of folders. Select the screen shot file from the folder you saved it in and click on the button Open. The screen shot file uploads and is ready to be sent. Finally, click on the Send button to complete the process.

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