How Do You Send Pictures From Your Phone to Your PC?


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To transfer pictures from your phone to a computer, use a USB cable to connect the devices, and move the pictures to a desired folder on the computer by using the drag-and-drop function. Alternatively, attach the pictures to an email message, send it to your own email address, access the message on your computer, and download the attachment.

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To transfer pictures using a cloud storage service, configure the Google Photos app on your Android smartphone so that it automatically backs up content on Google Drive. Accomplish this by tapping the menu icon, accessing the Settings screen, and turning on the Auto Backup option. The same process works with other cloud storage services, including Dropbox. Once the pictures are stored, access the cloud storage, and download them to your computer.

If your phone supports external storage devices, transfer the picture to a microSD card, connect the card to your computer via the card reader and a microSD-to-SD card adapter if necessary, and transfer the files as if using a USB flash drive. If you have an iPhone, connect it to the computer using a Lightning connector. Make sure that iTunes is not running at the time so that the computer recognizes the device as a digital camera, allowing you to transfer the picture from the Digital Camera Images folder on the iPhone to the computer.

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