How Do You Send a Picture to a Cell Phone?

You send pictures from a computer to a cell phone by e-mailing the picture to the phone's MMS address or to an e-mail account that is accessible on the phone. You can also connect the phone to the computer via USB and transfer the picture files to the phone. Automated web services exist to send pictures to a phone number such as

Transfer the photo from the computer to the phone using a USB cable to connect the two. On the computer, browse to the phone's storage drive which will show up as a removable USB device. Locate the photo or photos that you would like to transfer to the phone and copy them into the phone's storage. Follow your computer operating system's method for safely removing external storage drives and disconnect the phone from the computer.

Autervices like PixDrop work by automatically formatting the receivers phone number properly for e-mail purposes. Select and upload the image you would like to send to a phone and then choose the receiver's wireless carrier from the available options. As of October 2015, PixDrop is capable of sending MMS messages to Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T wireless phone numbers.

A third and easy way to accomplish the task of sending the photo to your own phone is to e-mail the image to your phone. Attach the image to an e-mail addressed to yourself and send. Log in to your e-mail account on the phone and download the attachment.