How Do You Send a Message Through USA Mobility?

Send a text message from any capable USA Mobility device by addressing the message to the 10-digit pager number. Some USA Mobility devices can only accept text messages, but cannot send them.

Most subscribers on USA Mobility have the capability of getting messages on a device, but it may depend on local calling area and messaging preferences. To send a message by phone, dial the seven- or 10-digit pager number, and then enter the callback number when hearing the prompt. For some devices, send a message by dialing the overdial number, entering a PIN, and then the callback number following the prompt.

It is also possible to send a message through USA Mobility through the website. Most USA Mobility devices have the ability to receive web messages, but numeric devices may only receive numeric characters. It is also possible to send messages through USA Mobility via email, as most of the devices can receive them. The exceptions are the numeric devices, which may only receive numeric messages.

To send a message to a USA Mobility phone via email, address the message to the 10-digit number through USA Mobility. In other words, send it to If a user has an alias, use the alias instead of the number.