How Do You Send an Email With Undisclosed Recipients?

To send an email without disclosing the recipients, use the BCC or blind carbon copy function. Recipients of the email do not see the email address of the person who is blind-carbon copied.

  1. Log into your preferred email account

    Open your browser, go to the website of your email service provider and log in with your username and password.

  2. Open a new email

    Click on the Compose or New button within the email system to open a new, blank email.

  3. Choose the BCC field, and type in the appropriate address

    At the top of the email, choose the BCC field, and type in the address or addresses of the people you would like to blind carbon copy. If the BCC field is not visible, click on the CC field, and it should appear.

  4. Complete your email

    Complete your email by filling in the subject, standard and/or carbon-copied recipients, and the body of your email. Click send. If you would like to send an email to a long list of people without disclosing any of the recipients' emails, it is common to put your own email address in the To field, and put the remaining email addresses in the BCC field.