How Do You Send an Email to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum?

How Do You Send an Email to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum?

Contact His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum through the official website of the prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, via his official Twitter feed, or by posting to the leader's Facebook page. Al Maktoum has been the vice president and prime minister of the UAE since 2006.

  1. Fill out the form on the government's website

    Use the official prime minister's website to give your full name, email address and reason for corresponding with the prime minister. Click the Send button at the bottom of the form when you finish your message.

  2. Log in to Twitter

    Send a message to Al Maktoum by logging into your Twitter account. You can send a 140-character message to the Twitter handle @HHShkMohd. The world leader posts regular messages in English and Arabic. Al Maktoum has more than 3.2 million followers on Twitter.

  3. Post on the leader's Facebook wall

    Log in to Facebook to post on Al Maktoum's official Facebook wall or leave comments below the leader's posts. The prime minister makes regular posts to his Facebook page.

  4. Send personal messages with permission

    You can write personal messages to Al Maktoum through Facebook and Twitter, but only if his office gives you permission to do so. The most direct way to send the leader an email is to use the official website of the prime minister.