Who Sells Computer Screens?


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Computer screens are sold at most big-box stores such as Target and Walmart, and are also sold at more specialized stores such as Best Buy and Staples. Computer screens can also be purchased from Hewlett-Packard and Dell via their websites.

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Depending on what a customer's needs are, there are a variety of options for the purchase of a computer screen. If a simple or standard screen is required without a large number of options, stores such as Target and Walmart are simple options. If a shopper requires more features, the Apple Store, Office Depot and Staples are good ways to go.

The benefit of going to a more specialized store is that, aside from having a larger variety of stock available for perusal, it tends to keep more knowledgeable staff on hand to answer questions and perhaps order stock from other stores. If a shopper has an exact criteria that needs to be met in terms of resolution, USB ports, power output and such, an option is to order through a computer manufacturer's website where the purchase can be customized to specifications. Both HP and Dell offer extensive configuration options on their websites that can suit almost any professional or personal need.

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