What Is Sellmyhome.com?

What Is Sellmyhome.com?

SellMyHome.com is an Internet house broker website with a collection of home listings that are for sale by owners or realtors in the United States. This website also offer services to promote home listings on social media and other networks as an alternative marketing source to increase listing visibility.

For buyers, SellMyHome.com allows listing searches by state and ZIP code. The front page of the website also features showcased and recently listed homes to catch home buyers' attention.

For real estate agents, Sellmyhome.com offers the Multiple Listing Service in the company's network to broadcast the listing to a nationwide audience.

For sellers, SellMyHome.com has its own property listing network that includes listedhome.com, ahomelisting.com, findhomeforsale.com and many others. As of 2015, customers receive a free seven-day listing with an upgrade option for a 30-day listing at $29. This website also offers yearly listing packages for $49 and $69. Customers receive a 100-percent satisfaction money back guarantee.

The website also contains sample forms for selling or renting a home. These forms are free for use by the public. Sellmyhome.com advises that it does not provide legal advice and to check with a licensed professional or an attorney regarding the forms or transactions.