How Do You Sell Things on EBay?

How Do You Sell Things on EBay?

To sell items on eBay, set up a seller account to create and manage your listings. List your items, communicate with your buyers, accept payment, and ship the items on time to help you create a good seller image.

  1. Create a seller account

    If you don't have an eBay account already, you need to set one up. Choose a payment method for paying your seller fees to eBay, and make sure your name and address are correct.

  2. List an item

    Click on the Sell an Item button located on the left panel under Sell on your Selling page. Write a descriptive title, identify the item's condition, add photos and give accurate details. Choose either Auction or Buy It Now, and list the price of the item. Choose how buyers can pay for the item and how you plan to handle returns. Click List It when you are finished filling in all the information.

  3. Take payment, and communicate with the buyer

    Wait for the buyer to complete his payment. Contact the buyer directly if he does not use eBay checkout to complete his payment and he does not contact you after your listing time has ended.

  4. Ship the item

    Ship the item only after the buyer pays for it. Make sure the payment has cleared before shipping. Pack the item carefully, and create shipping labels and packing slips from your eBay account.

  5. Leave your buyer feedback

    Encourage communication between you and your buyer by leaving him feedback. Click on your Feedback Profile to leave feedback. Receiving positive feedback adds to your star rating.