How Do You Sell Silver Coins on EBay?


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To sell silver coins on eBay, create a listing and title for the silver coins, and place the item in its correct category on eBay. Customize the rest of the listing before making it final, such as the price of the coins, shipping options and purchasing time-frame.

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Add photos and item specifics to the listing, as well as a small description of the silver coins being sold. Afterwards, choose the pricing and selling options. A start price for the item is pre-selected and can be set as low as 99 cents.

The seller has the option of choosing a Buy It Now listing or an Auction listing. The Buy It Now listing lists the item at a set price, whereas an Auction listing includes a bidding war among interested buyers for the item. Buy It Now listings last for 30 days, while Auction listings have customized time-frames, such as one-, three-, five- and seven-day listings. 10-day listings are also available, but these are not free.

After finishing the photos, description and pricing, choose a shipping option. Shipping prices vary, and you have the option of allowing free shipping, flat-rate shipping or custom shipping based on the postal rates of the buyer's location. Once you select the shipping and link the account with PayPal or a bank, the item is ready to be listed and sold.

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