How Do You Sell a Product on EBay?

How Do You Sell a Product on EBay?

Sellers must be registered members with a seller's account before they can sell anything on the site, according to eBay. Sellers should begin by searching for similar items for sale to help with setting a price, choosing a category and learning about an item's potential value.

Follow these steps to begin selling on eBay:

  1. Provide the name of the object
  2. Provide a detailed description in the box. This option also allows for a UPC code, part number or ISBN. Enter the product information and click "Go."

  3. Choose a title
  4. Enter a title for the listing as it should appear on the site. For example, "Like New 10-Gallon Aquarium." Next, choose the category that best describes the item. For an aquarium, for example, the category would be "Pet Supplies / Fish and Aquariums / Aquariums and Tanks." Choose the best category and click "Create Listing."

  5. Describe the item
  6. Enter the item's condition, add up to 12 photos and add item specifics that will help direct traffic to the product. Enter as many details as necessary, and remember, the more specific, the better.

  7. Select the format and price
  8. Choose to sell a product via an auction or a fixed price. Choose the auction option when the value of an item cannot be determined.

  9. Select shipping option
  10. Decide how the item will be shipped to the purchaser. Choose an international shipping option.

  11. Review preferences
  12. In this section, enter a PayPal-connected email address for payment, the item's location, handling time and the return policy. Decide whether the item can be relisted if it does not sell the first time.

  13. List it
  14. Finally, choose the "Preview" button to verify all the information. Choose "Save for later" to list the item at a later date, or select "List It" to post the item immediately.