How Do You Sell an Item on EBay?

Selling an item on eBay requires creating a seller account, looking for similar items on the site and listing the item, along with photos. The whole process takes only a few minutes.

To sell an item on eBay, create a seller account. The user must provide a phone number, current address and PayPal information. After that is done, the following steps outline how to create a listing and sell an item:

  1. Describe the item
  2. At the top of the seller's page, describe the item. Users may also enter a UPC code or ISBN number if desired. Enter a description and click "Go."

  3. Create the listing
  4. Find the item's category in the list and click "Create Listing." This will list the product with similar items, making it easy for shoppers to find.

  5. Describe the item as it will appear
  6. Create a title for the posting and choose its condition. Users may then upload up to 12 photos of the item for free. Be sure to add any item specifics, such as any accessories that come with it.

  7. Select the format
  8. Select the format for the item. An auction is best when the seller is not sure of a price for the item, while fixed price works best when the seller knows the value of the item.

  9. Choose a shipping method
  10. Choose a shipping method from options such as USPS Priority Mail and decide whether international shipping is an option for buyers.

  11. Final options
  12. Verify the PayPal address used for payments, select the item's location and decide whether or not to allow returns.

  13. List it
  14. When finished, choose "Preview" to check for accuracy, "Save for later" to create the listing at another time or "List it" to post the item immediately.