How Do You Sell Coins on EBay?

sell-coins-ebay Credit: tab1962/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

You can sell various types of coins on eBay by creating a free seller account and creating listings for each coin you wish to sell. Listings should include pictures of the coin, a description of its condition and details about its background and history.

The first step to selling coins on eBay is creating a seller account, which requires choosing a username, password and verifying an email address. Once you create a seller account, place your credit card on file with the site, link a verified PayPal account to your seller account and maintain a minimum standard of seller performance, you can open a virtual store. While stores are not required to sell on the site, they can be convenient, as they offer one centralized location for all of your listings and give you the ability to create branding for your online sales.

Regardless of the selling method chosen, all items sold on eBay require an individual listing, which consists of pictures of the item, a description of the item and a sale method. You can either implement a traditional auction model or place a "Buy It Now" price that allows buyers to entirely bypass the auction option and immediately purchase the coin.