How Do You Sell Clothes on EBay?


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To sell clothes on eBay, begin by cleaning all clothing items and taking photographs that capture clothing details. Select the proper category, and write accurate descriptions regarding the size, material and manufacturer of the clothing. From here, establish the preferred selling mode, price and shipping options.

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  1. Clean all clothing items

    Before listing a clothing item, have all clothes professionally laundered to remove stains and odors. Do not use fragrance-based cleaners, as some buyers may be allergic to strong smells.

  2. Take photographs of clothing

    Hang clothing on a rack, or drape it across a flat surface. Accentuate fabric details by placing clothes against a solid background. Capture close-up images of any embroidery and designer labels.

  3. Select the appropriate category

    From your account page, select Start Selling. From here, enter keywords to describe the clothing item. Select the appropriate category from the listed options.

  4. Write a clothing description

    Create an accurate clothing description. Detail clothing sizes, fabric type, design and other necessary elements buyers should know.

  5. Select a selling format

    Choose a selling format, such as Buy It Now or an auction-style listing.

  6. Enter a price

    Create a starting price for an auction-style listing or a fixed price for a Buy It Now listing. Research similar listings for average prices.

  7. Select a shipping option

    Choose an appropriate shipping option. Typically, clothing is shipped via a fixed rate or a variable rate based upon buyer location.

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