How Do You Sell on Amazon?

How Do You Sell on Amazon?

To sell items on Amazon, it is necessary to register for a seller's account. After the seller's account is operational, products are listed on the website. Sellers are required to pay a fee for listing items on Amazon, and can typically set up an account in less than an hour.

  1. Set up an account to sell

    In order to sell on Amazon, it is necessary to set up a seller's account. Along with providing some basic personal information, sellers also need to choose the type of account needed. As of 2014, professional accounts allow sellers to list an unlimited number of items for a flat fee, and personal accounts charge sellers a fee for each listing. Some sellers must have a taxpayer ID to sell on Amazon.

  2. List items for sale

    After setting up an account, sellers can list items. Determine the price and category for each item, and list the items using the tools provided by Amazon. Amazon restricts the sale of some items, including some types of baby products.

  3. Fulfill orders

    Amazon notifies sellers of a purchase through email or text. After receiving a notification, use the information provided by Amazon to send the customer the items that were purchased to complete the sale.