How Do You See Who Views Your Facebook Profile?


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There is no way to see who views your Facebook profile. Facebook does not provide users with information on who views their profiles due to their privacy rules, and while there are several applications online that claim to be able to perform this function, they are just a scam. Applications that claim to access profile visits charge a fee per use, and they are also known to contain malicious viruses and tracking software.

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While there is no absolute way to track profile visitors, there are certain clues you can look out for on your Facebook profile timeline that may point to the individuals who view your profile more than others. On the left-hand side of all Facebook member timelines, there is a section that continuously rotates photos of nine different friends.

According to Kite Media, the friends that show up in this area are the individuals with whom you interact with most on the site or vice versa through messages, profile views, comments and likes, based on Facebook's algorithms. If there are certain friends who continually show up in this section with whom you don't have any interaction with, it is possible that they are viewing your profile on a regular basis.

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