How Do You See Your ITunes Purchase History?


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Review your iTunes purchase history on a Mac or PC by signing into iTunes with the same Apple ID you use to make purchases. Family Sharing accounts only showcase purchases made by a specific ID and not purchases made by all accounts.

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  1. Activate iTunes

    Activate iTunes by opening the program on your computer. Once running, click iTunes Store.

  2. Sign into the iTunes Store

    Click Sign In on the iTunes store webpage. Enter the Apple ID and password for the account you wish to view.

  3. Access purchase history

    Once signed in, click on your Apple ID name to reveal a drop-down menu. Select Account, and locate the section entitled Purchase History. On the far right, click See All.

  4. Review your purchase history

    Recent purchases are found at the top of the screen. Within this portion, item title, price and total order charge are listed. To review older purchases, scroll down to the section titled Previous Purchases. Reveal details regarding specific purchases by clicking the arrow to the left of the purchase date.

  5. Dispute questionable purchases

    If a purchase seems incorrect, dispute the charges by contacting Apple Support through email or phone. Call wait times are listed within the support page. You can also schedule a phone appointment with an Apple Support representative.

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