What Are Some Security Cameras That Can Be Used Outdoors?


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Some outdoor security cameras are the TriVision NC-336PW Outdoor Wireless Home Security Camera, Defender Digital Wireless DVR Security System and Uniden Wireless Weather Proof Video Surveillance Camera. The TriVision NC-336PW outdoor wireless security camera is waterproof and offers high-definition images. It can recognize faces and license plates up to 30 feet away and its infrared night vision can see as far as 50 feet away at night. In addition, users can access the recorded images through the Internet.

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The Defender Digital Wireless DVR Security System comes with a long range night vision outdoor camera with 18 infrared LED lights that allows users to see up to 40 feet away in the dark. These LED lights are light sensitive and turn off automatically when there is sufficient light. This camera records both video and audio and can store up to 350 minutes of footage on a Secure Digital memory card with two gigabytes of storage.

The Uniden Wireless Weatherproof Video Surveillance Camera has an Ingress Protection rating of 66 that allows it to work in the rain and snow. Its 20 infrared LED lights offer clear pictures from as far as 40 feet in the dark. The Infrared Cut Filter Switch feature of this camera turns off the LED lights during the day to show images in true daytime color.

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