What Are Some Secure Mobile Phone Solutions?

What Are Some Secure Mobile Phone Solutions?

Some secure mobile phone solutions include apps such as LastPass, Private Photo Vault, WebRoot Secure Web Browser and Lookout. From data encryption to password protection, these apps allow users to protect their phones from hackers, viruses and other threats.

LastPass is a comprehensive password organization app that can create and remember complex, unique passwords for websites, making them more difficult to crack. With one master password, users can ensure that their login information for important sites, such as banking or shopping, is totally secure.

Private Photo Vault allows users to encrypt and store the photos on their phones safely. The app secures photos on individual smartphones as well as backing them up on the service’s cloud storage system, making it easy to retrieve them if a phone is lost or stolen.

WebRoot is a secure Web browser that protects users from online threats, such as viruses and data theft. The service prevents automatic download of data and theft of information and can also alert users of malicious websites. WebRoot comes equipped with a password manager system.

Lookout is a phone locator app that also functions as a data backup service. Offering extensive protection for lost or stolen phones, the app allows users to locate devices, save photos and contacts, and send message or alerts to a lost phone.