How Do You Search for a Person Online?

How Do You Search for a Person Online?

To search for a person online, look through the social networking platforms, the online directories and the public records of the county where the individual last lived. Also, consider performing an online search for the person using the full name.

Social networking platforms such as MySpace, Facebook and BlackPlanet allow you to look for a person by name. Enter the individual's name in the appropriate field. Narrow and hasten the pace of the search by including the person's maiden name, if it is a female, and by typing in the home town, high school, college and businesses the individual is associated with. Additionally, scan the person's list of friends on the social networking sites.

Online directories such as 411, WhitePages and SuperPages contain the directory details along with the cell phone number of the individual, if he has registered with the service. Sometimes, these directories contain information that may not be listed in the local phone book.

Public records of counties usually provide information such as criminal records, filings in court and marriage licenses of an individual. Sometimes, the address of the person may also be available.

To carry out an online search for the individual, enter the name on various search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. The most relevant result appears at the top of the search results.