How Do You Search for People on Social Networks?


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Major social media sites allow users to enter full names, and sometimes email addresses, to help them find others on the network. Entering a name may return a large number of results, making it helpful to know other information about other users, including email or a physical address.

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Top social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, allow users to search for one another using full names. While Facebook and LinkedIn members are likely to use their full names, usernames are more common on Twitter. Facebook and Twitter simplify searching with a search bar located in the upper-left corner of each page, and LinkedIn members can search by first and last name using the tools located on the company's homepage.

Facebook and MySpace take friend-finding further by allowing users to search by email addresses and instant messaging handles, helping connect friends who communicate through other media. Some social media sites offers apps that connect with major email providers, such as Yahoo! and Gmail, to match the email addresses currently on contact lists with users on these sites registered under the same emails. Such systems also include friend-of-friend lists and the ability to search by shared school, graduation or work information.

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