How Do You Search for Jobs on Indeed?

To search for jobs on Indeed, go to the home page of the website, type the job title, keyword or company name into the search box under What, enter the location into the search box under Where, and then click Find Jobs. Some required information under the Where box includes the city, state or ZIP code. Click on the Advanced Job Search link located under Find Jobs to filter the search results.

The search results contain jobs that have all of the words provided under the What box. To find jobs that contain any of the provided words, type ‘’or’’ between the search terms. From the Advanced Job Search page, you can filter the search results by specific phrases, company, type of job, salary estimate and radius. You can also provide specific phrases that should not appear in the search results. The search results on Indeed derive from online job boards, niche industry sites and newspaper sites.

To apply for a specific job, click on its title, read the description and requirements for the specific job, and then click the Apply button or a similar link. The procedure for applying for a particular job on Indeed varies from one employer to another.