How Do You Search Craigslist of San Diego?

How Do You Search Craigslist of San Diego?

Navigating of San Diego or any other location requires using the search function to filter out and choose what services are being sought. has several different sections to choose from including but not limited to Jobs, Housing and For Sale.

All the sections on of San Diego and elsewhere can be searched through using the same steps. However, make sure to choose what section to search for first. The home page will have more than 50 options available, as of 2015, so it is necessary to pick the section that the wanted item relates to. For example, if the wanted item is a car, then choosing the "Cars and Vehicles" section, available under the For Sale section, is the way to go. Once the actual section is chosen, use these steps to navigate through

  1. Locate the search bar
  2. Find the search bar on the home page, which is located at the top of page.

  3. Type in the keyword
  4. Input the wanted keyword into the search engine.

  5. Press search
  6. Press the search function and observe the results.

  7. Click on the wanted results
  8. Use the mouse cursor to click on any desired results, which will then bring up each available ad.