How Do You Search for Answers on

How Do You Search for Answers on

To search for an existing answer to a question, enter the question in the search box of the Find Answers section at is an answering system created to provide information to users with questions on any specific topics.

The first step in using is to register for an account. Provide a valid email address and a desired username and password. Agree to the terms and conditions and create an account.

When you ask a question, the Web page displays all available information regarding your query. Check if the information answers the question.You can then obtain already-existing information for a question or can post a question to receive answers from members of the site.

If the information provided is not a satisfactory answer to the question, post the question in the Ask a Question section of the website. Try to be as detailed as possible. The next step is to classify the question so that individuals sharing the same interest can see the question. Subscribe to the tagged topic to see answers as they're posted.

The members of the topic then post an answer to the question whenever possible. You receives an email notification when the question gets answered. If the posted answer is of help, let the person who answered the question know by clicking the thumbs-up button.