What Is Scrum Methodology?


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Scrum is a way of managing a project, usually software development, and it is an agile framework for handling complex projects. Scrum was developed in 1993 by Jeff Sutherland. In the scrum process, instead of providing complete, detailed descriptions on how everything is done in a project, much of it is left to the Scrum development team.

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Scrum depends on a cross-functional, self–organizing team. The team does not have an overall team leader who directs how a problem is to be solved or which person carries out which task. All issues are decided by the team as a whole.Since the team is cross-functional, members are required to take a feature from idea to implementation.

In Scrum methodology, all project must progress through a series of sprints. Typically sprints have a time limit between two weeks and a month. At the beginning of a new sprint, team members hold a planning meeting. In the meeting, members determine how many items they can commit to and then create a sprint backlog.

All team members must also attend a 15-minutes Scrum meeting on each day of the sprint. Daily scrums help to synchronize the work of team members as they discuss the work produced during the sprint. At the end of the scrum, a scrum review is done to allow the team to demonstrate the new functionality to the product owner or other stakeholders.

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