How Do You Take a Screenshot on a Motorola Droid Smartphone?

Taking a screenshot on a Motorola Droid smartphone involves pressing two of the phones buttons at the same time. These buttons are the power key and the down volume key.

Most Motorola Droid smartphones run a version of Google's Android operating system. The process to take a screenshot, however, is controlled by physical buttons on the phone. The image that is taken will show everything that is on the screen at the time.

  1. Press the buttons
  2. Press the power key and the down volume key at the same time, holding the two buttons down for three second. After this the phone will make a clicking noise similar to a camera click. Let go of the buttons.
  3. Notification
  4. A notification will appear on the screen indicating the screenshot has been taken. Tapping on this notification brings the user to the image where it can be edited or shared. The screenshot can also be deleted if it is not required.
  5. Accessing
  6. The screenshot can be accessed at anytime by going into the storage of the Motorola Droid. This is done by tapping on the Apps icon then Files. Tap on Device Storage, then Pictures, then Screenshots. All screenshots taken on the device will be displayed in this gallery. From here, screenshots can be edited, deleted or shared.