How Do You Take a Screenshot on a Mac?


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On a Mac, simultaneously press the Command, Shift and 3 keys to take a screenshot of your entire desktop. If you want to capture a certain area, press the Command, Shift and 4 keys, and drag the crosshair to select a portion of the screen.

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  1. Set up the desktop

    Open the program, game or folders you want to screenshot, and arrange them accordingly on the desktop. Alternatively, leave the desktop as-is if you want to capture your Mac theme and desktop wallpaper.

  2. Take a screenshot

    Press Command, Shift and 3, and release the keys to capture the desktop. To capture a selected area, press Command, Shift and 4, and drag the crosshair over the area. Release the mouse button to take a screenshot. To screenshot a single window, press Command, Shift and 4, and then release the keys. Tap Space, and click on the open window.

  3. View the screenshot

    Locate the new PNG file on your desktop. To view the screenshot, double-click the file to launch it in Preview or the image viewer of your choice. You can then email the screenshot or upload it for review. Close the image viewer when done. Delete the screenshot from the desktop, or transfer it to your Pictures folder.

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