How Do You Take a Screenshot on a Laptop?

Windows 8.1 laptop users who want to take a screenshot of the entire laptop screen and save it to a file should press the PrtScn and Windows logo keys together; the image file can be found in the Pictures folder's Screenshots subfolder. Mac OS X laptop users should use the Command-Shift-3 key combination to save a screenshot of the entire screen directly to the Desktop folder.

Laptop users can also choose to make a screenshot of just a specific portion of the screen, such as one window. For example, Windows 8.1 users can select a specific window and then press the Alt and PrtScr keys simultaneously to copy that window to the Windows clipboard. Mac OS X users can use the Command-Shift-4 key combination, which will allow them to draw a box around a part of the screen to copy.

Some laptop keyboards use other names for the PrtScn button, such as PRTSC, Print Screen or a similar name. When the user press the PrtScn key, the computer copies the image of the computer screen to the Clipboard. Then, the user can paste the image to a Word document or to an image editing program.