How Do You Take a Screenshot on a Galaxy Note 2?


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There are two ways to take a screenshot on a Galaxy Note 2. One method uses the keys on the Note 2 to activate the screenshot feature, while the second method works by using the stylus.

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  1. Select the screen

    Using the applications contained on the Note 2, navigate to the screen for which you want to take the screenshot.

  2. Use the keys

    Press and hold down the Power key located on the right side of the device, and then press the Home key located on the front of the device near the bottom. Wait for a shutter sound to emit from the device to indicate that the screenshot is taken.

  3. Use the stylus

    Click the button located on the top of the stylus pen, and then hold the pen against the surface of the Note 2 until you hear the shutter sound that indicates the screenshot is taken.

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