How Do You Take a Screen Shot on a Laptop?

How Do You Take a Screen Shot on a Laptop?

Although there are many tools available for taking a screenshot, Windows has an built-in process that allows users to take a screenshot with a single button. Take a copy of the screen on your computer by using the Print Screen button, then paste the image into a program.

  1. Press the Print Screen key

    In order to capture or copy the screen, press the Print Screen key. It may be labeled as "PrtScn" on some laptops.

  2. Open the application where screenshot is to be pasted

    After copying the screen, the user needs to paste the content into an application. The screenshot can be pasted into a document, an image, a presentation or some other application.

  3. Paste the content

    After opening the application, paste the content of the clipboard by holding down the Ctrl key and then pressing the V key. Crop the image as needed, and save the file.