How Do You Schedule Direct TV Installation?


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To schedule DIRECTV installation, visit the company website, and add a television package to your cart. Follow the ordering process to be taken directly to the appointment page. You need a way to access the provider's website, and you must have your billing information ready.

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  1. Choose a TV package

    Visit the company's website, and enter your ZIP code to make sure the service is available in your area. Browse through the various packages, and select one that matches your budget and preferences. Add additional programming, if you desire.

  2. Choose equipment and accessories

    Select the amount of equipment you need for your home, and add any additional accessories you want.

  3. Submit your billing information

    Enter your name, contact information and service address. Enter your Social Security number and other information required for a credit check. Set up your account information, and enter your billing details.

  4. Schedule an appointment

    Enter all required and relevant details in the installation section. Select a date and a time frame during which you want the installation to occur. Confirm the appointment. To schedule an appointment at a later time, open the My Account menu, and navigate to My Orders & Service Calls to adjust your preferences.

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