What Are Some Scary Websites?


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Some scary web sites include Creepy Pasta, Shock Till You Drop, The Outbreak, The Dionaea House and Scary and Fun. These sites offer scary stories, interactive games, horror-movie information and a variety of other features for scare seekers.

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Creepy Pasta is one of the best-known scary sites online. The site's extensive content includes tales of zombies, ghosts and a variety of other paranormal occurrences. Creepy Pasta allows users to share their own spooky stories, and the site's content is updated regularly. Shock Till You Drop offers a range of news, information and reviews focused on both independent and mainstream horror movies. This atmospheric horror site also features scary sounds, such as chains and blood splatters, in the background.

The Outbreak is an interactive horror film that allows users to dictate the path that the story takes. Users watch the movie and make decisions at certain points in the story, leading to different outcomes. Depending on the choices players make, they can be subjected to a variety of scary and gory scenes. The Dionaea House is a modern scary story by screenwriter Eric Heisserer, told in the form of emails and blog posts. The communications between the characters gradually draw readers into this suspenseful, supernatural tale. Scary and Fun is a more lighthearted horror site, featuring both serious scares and more humorous pieces with a touch of horror.

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