How Do You Scan a QR Code?


To scan a QR code, open or download a smartphone or tablet app designed to read QR codes. Line up the camera so that the phone reads the code, and hold the device in place while the app reads the code. Reading codes provides access to many types of links.

  1. Download an app for QR codes

    Download an app that reads QR codes for your smartphone or tablet. Choose from apps available for iPhone, Android or Windows phones or for the operating system that drives your tablet.

  2. Open the app

    Touch the icon that opens the QR code reader app on your phone or tablet. Wait for the camera on your device to activate and for the brackets to appear on the screen. Use the brackets to line up the code for the app.

  3. Scan the code

    Line up the camera in your device so that the QR code appears within the brackets on the screen. Hold the device steadily so that the reader scans the image. Keep the phone or tablet still until the app indicates that it has read the code, usually by making a beeping sound or following the link in the code to the desired website.