How Do You Scan Multiple Pages at Once?


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In order to scan a multipage document without handling each page, the scanner must have a sheet feeder. However, even if you don’t have one, you can still scan multiple pages into the same file.

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Several models of affordable cross-platform scanners come with sheet feeders, and the process of scanning is very similar to making a photocopy. If you have access to such a scanner, put the pages to scan in order, place them in the sheet feeder (usually face down), and set the scanner to scan. Some OCR software allows you to specify a document format and where to save the file before the scan, while other software requires input after the scan is finished. The end result is a digital copy of your document. Depending on the kind of scan you made, it may even be editable in a word-processing program.

Depending on the functionality of their OCR software and drivers, flatbed scanners without sheet feeders, and pen and wand scanners, can also do multipage scans. For instance, using a flatbed scanner, place the first page of your document face down on the scanner bed and scan. When the software asks if you want to scan another page, remove the first page, put the second one on the bed, and scan. Continue until you’ve scanned all pages, and then save your document.

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