How Do You Scan and Email a Document?


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To scan and email a document, you want to hook up all of the necessary equipment, and prepare a preview of the document prior to actually scanning it. You need a computer or smartphone, a scanner and a working email address. This process should not take more than 10 minutes.

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  1. Convert the document from hard copy to soft copy

    Connect the scanner to your computer and turn it on. Place the document onto the glass plate of the scanner and close the cover. Go to Windows, click Start, and then click All Program. Next, go to Windows Fax and Scan, and click New Scan.

  2. Preview the document before scanning

    To preview the document, go to Profile in the New Scan dialog box, and then click Documents. Click Preview to see how the document will appear after scanning. To make some changes on the document, click the Default Settings tab, and then implement the necessary changes.

  3. Begin scanning the document

    Click Scan after making the necessary changes on the document. The scanned document is displayed on your screen when the scanning process is complete. Right-click your mouse, and choose the Save As option to save it in a folder on your computer.

  4. Open your email and attach the scanned document

    Log in into your email account, click Compose to create a new email, type the email address of the recipient, the subject of the email, and include the body to notify the recipient about the attached document. Click Attach Files to locate and select the scanned document from the folder where you previously saved it. Select Open to attach the file; wait for a few seconds for the attachment to load. Confirm that the file attached properly, and then click Send to email the attached document.

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