How Do You Scan a Document Into a PDF File?

To scan a document into a PDF file, create an image file from the document by using a scanner, upload the image file to your Google Drive account, and download the file in PDF format. Alternatively, use the SimpleOCR program to scan the document, and convert it via Microsoft Word.

After scanning the document and creating an image file, sign in with your existing Google ID on the Google Drive page, or create a free account, and navigate to the home screen. Click on the Settings button, click on Upload Settings in the drop-down menu, and select the Convert Text From Uploaded PDF and Image Files option. Click on the Upload button, select the image file you created with the scanner, and click Open. Check the box next to the uploaded file, click on More, select the Open With option, and click on Google Documents. Correct any misspelled words, click on File, select the Download As option, and select the PDF format.

To create a PDF file via SimpleOCR, place the document into the scanner, start the program, click on the Add Page button, and click OK to initiate the scanning process. Click on the Convert to Text option to apply the Optical Character Recognition process, correct any words the program scanned incorrectly, and save the scanned document as an RTF file. Open that file in Microsoft Word, click on File, select the Save As option, select PDF from the drop-down menu, and click Save.