How Do You Scan a Document?

How Do You Scan a Document?

To scan a document, you need a flatbed scanner, the document and the scanner's software or drivers. Install the scanner to your computer, place the document in the scanner, and press the Scan to save a digital copy to your computer.

  1. Connect the scanner

    Many scanners use a USB cord to connect to computers. Connect the USB cord from the scanner to the computer, and plug in the scanner's power cord. Wait for Windows to recognize the scanner and automatically install the necessary files.

  2. Place the document or image in the scanner

    Position the document face-down in one of the corners, ensuring that all edges line up. This ensures the scan result is centered and not askew.

  3. Press the Scan button

    Close the lid and press the Scan button on the scanner. Throughout the scanning process, leave the lid closed and do not touch the glass. This can negatively affect the quality of your scans.

  4. Finalize the scan

    After the scan, many scanner programs provide a preview of the image, which allows you to crop and resize the image as necessary. Make any size or orientation changes when prompted. Choose a custom save destination or use the default save folder for saving and organizing scans.