How Are Scam Websites Detected?


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A scam website can be detected by checking its reputation, checking if it looks professional, verifying a physical address, checking the certification, reading the terms and conditions, using plagiarism programs and finding out if it is Better Business Bureau approved. Before working with a website of any kind, it is prudent to verify its legitimacy in order to avoid being taken advantage of.

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One of the best ways to know whether a website is legitimate or not is by checking if it is listed by the Better Business Bureau. All websites listed are approved and have been certified as authentic and capable of delivering the services or products they offer.

Another way to detect a scam site is by using plagiarism programs to go through the site's content. Once a plagiarism program is run on a couple of pages, it will easily detect if the site has lifted content from other websites.

If the site has provided contacts, it is a good idea to call or physically pay a visit to the said address. This will help in holding the site administrators accountable in case of any unfortunate incident. Reading the terms and conditions of a website and checking if everything looks professional can also be a good way of detecting a scam website.

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