How Do You Save Word Documents As JPEG Files?

How Do You Save Word Documents As JPEG Files?

How Do You Save Word Documents As JPEG Files?

To save a Word document as a JPEG file, first take a screen shot of the word document. Next, paste it into a graphics program, and use the program to save the graphic as a JPEG file.

  1. Take a screen shot of your Word document

    Adjust the zoom in your word processor so the entire page is visible on the screen without scrolling up, down or sideways. Take a screen shot of the screen. This process saves a picture of your screen into the memory of your computer. For a multi-page document, handle each page individually. You can take the screenshot by using a the print screen key on your keyboard.

  2. Open a graphics program on your computer

    The Paint program is a good option, but others also work. Make certain JPEG is an option for saving. You probably want to choose a program that lets you crop a picture as well, so you can isolate the Word document from the rest of the screen image.

  3. Paste the screen shot image into the graphics program

    A simple paste command allows you to paste the image into a graphics program. If desired, trim the picture to include only the document image you want to save.

  4. Select the option "Save As"

    Under the File option, choose "Save As." Give your document a name, and select the file type as JPEG. Hit Save.