How Do You Save an Untitled Paint Document?


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Save an untitled Paint document by pressing the Paint icon within Microsoft Paint to bring up a menu, then clicking Save on this menu. If the user does not enter a file name for the Paint file, Microsoft Paint automatically saves it with the file name Untitled.png.

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Pressing Ctrl + S on the keyboard while the Microsoft Paint window is active also brings up the option to save an untitled file. If the file has already been saved, then pressing Ctrl + S overwrites the last saved version with the current one. A user can rename previously saved untitled Paint files by right-clicking on the file, clicking Rename on the menu that appears, and then entering the name that he wants to give the file. This option is only available if the file is not currently open in Microsoft Paint or another application. If the file is open, the user must close it before it can be renamed.

By default, Microsoft Paint saves untitled documents as .png files. However, it is possible to save the file as a .jpg file instead by selecting Save As instead of Save from the menu and choosing the option to save the file as a .jpg file in the next menu that appears.

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