How Do You Save Battery Power on an Android?


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To save battery power on an Android, go into the settings and make specific adjustments. Making all of the suggested adjustments increases battery life tremendously.

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  1. Turn off features not in use

    Go to the phone settings, and turn off all features not in use. This includes, but is not limited to, the Wi-Fi, the GPS navigation application and the Bluetooth option.

  2. Keep Wi-Fi on when a connection is available

    If a Wi-Fi connections is available, leave the Wi-Fi on for Internet use as opposed to using the phone's data plan for such. Data usage drains the battery faster than using Wi-Fi does.

  3. Adjust screen brightness and timeout

    Go to the phone settings, and adjust the brightness to a lower setting. Also adjust the phone's timeout setting to shut the screen off after 15 seconds of user inactivity.

  4. Disable push notifications and data-fetching

    Go to the phone settings, and disable push notifications. Also disable push notifications and data-fetching within individual applications such as email and social media.

  5. Turn off cellular data

    When no signal is available, go to the phone settings and place the phone into airplane mode. The phone stops searching for a signal, but Wi-Fi access is still available.

  6. Purchase apps instead of using the free ones

    Free apps are ad-supported, and research shows the ads drain a cell phone battery faster. Purchase apps to avoid the ads.

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