What Are Satellite Channel Frequencies?


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Satellite channel frequencies are the specific frequencies within frequency bands used for transmitting satellite communications signals. Because of geopositioning needs and the rapid growth of satellite technology into communications fields, the satellite frequency spectrum has been divided into several frequency bands designated for specific uses.

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For example, the L band operates at frequencies between 1 and 2 gigaHertz with channels for GPS cameras, and satellite mobile phone services. The S band broadcasts signals between 2 and 4 gigaHertz with channels for weather, surface ship radar and other forms of communications.

The Ka band is the latest to be used for satellite broadcasting and uses frequencies between 27 and 40 gigaHertz. Satellites that broadcast in this band can be positioned 2 degrees apart, which limits their maximum power output to avoid adjacent satellite interference. They require more complex transmission methods and additional equipment to maintain signal strength and avoid interference from weather.

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