What Is SAP Software?

SAP software refers to Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. It is closely related to ERP, which refers to Enterprise Resource Planning. In addition, SAP represents a company name. The company is a German multinational software corporation broadly recognized as the world leader in enterprise application in the form of software and services related to software.

SAP software is the leader in ERP. As at 2010, SAP was installed in more than 140,000 areas across the globe, in more than 25 business verticals, and had more than 76,000 clients in about 122 countries. SAP software is fundamental because it helps in management of complex business units of huge enterprises. It enables management of raw material, production, inventory, marketing and sales from a single point.

SAP is the solution to challenges faced by manufacturing companies, including coordinating business units. It also allows effective communication and data sharing. Businesses such as vendors and suppliers, as well as customers and prospective customers, require timely information.

SAP software is specially designed to centralize all the company’s resources, such as payroll, customer relationship management, human resources, material handling, and sales and supply chain. Aerospace, automotive, engineering, media, mining, oil and gas, chemicals, healthcare and high tech are some of the industries that widely use SAP.