What Are Some Sample Ideas for Voicemails?


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Some sample ideas for setting up voicemails include giving a clear and professional greeting, a personal one that includes family members, or a humorous voicemail message that showcases a user's personality. Each of these variations sends a very specific message to callers and has its own place and time.

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A professional greeting should state the name of the company the caller dialed and the name of the specific person who normally answers that line, if possible. In a workplace with multiple staffers who answer calls, the company name and times of operation along with a note to please leave a message and callback number suffices. Personal telephone voicemails typically have a far less formal tone. Family members may all state their names as part of the voicemail, and pets may bark, meow or chirp as part of the message.

Humorous voicemails typically only appear on personal numbers, but they let phone owners share a laugh with friends who call. Sample ideas for humorous voicemail setups include funny voices, parody songs and random beeping that leaves callers guessing as to when to start leaving a message. Humorous voicemail setups should still include the name of the person the caller dialed to ensure messages get to the right recipient.

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