What Safety Resources Does NetSmartz Have?

What Safety Resources Does NetSmartz Have?

NetSmartz offers Internet safety information resources for parents and guardians, educators, community law enforcement officers and children. These resources include videos, games, activities, presentations and interactive workshops with educational programs providing relevant resources to help teach children how to be safer online.

On the NetSmartz website, users are offered downloadable content in various formats such as videos and activity cards. The site employs different approaches for a variety of content, including animations and documentaries accompanied by classroom lessons and interactive slide presentations for adults, teens and younger children. Other areas of focus include tips on how to protect children from online predators, identity thieves and exposure to inappropriate content.

Parents and guardians are helped to understand safety issues such as how to prevent crime targeting children using technology. NetSmartz videos and presentations explore topics such as cyberbullying and social networking. Parents are encouraged to monitor their children’s online activities including cell phone usage. They learn the dangers of allowing their children to download and upload content from the Internet.

Educators are offered skills to empower students to be safer online using curriculum content developed for primary, intermediate, middle school and high school grade levels. Netsmartz provides lesson plans as well as guided and scripted presentations. The program teaches about the dangers children face online and how educators can use the resources to help children in different age groups.

The website also offers the NetSmartz Student Project Kit aimed at students in grades 6-12 to help teach fellow students about topics like cyberbullying, online privacy and digital ethics.