How Do You Safely Link a Cellphone to a Computer?

Use a cable or a wireless connection such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to safely link a cellphone to a computer. If a cable is used, install the phone's drivers on the computer before use. Wi-Fi and wireless connections require a one-time setup to pair or link both devices.

Some mobile phones come with a suite of software and drivers that make it easy to link them to a computer. Install the software, and connect the phone to the computer with an USB cable. Wait for the software to detect the phone, indicating that it is linked. To link a mobile phone to a computer over Bluetooth, enable Bluetooth on both devices, and make them discoverable. Add a new Bluetooth connection on the computer, and select the mobile device. Pair off both devices to link them safely using a security PIN.

To use Wi-Fi to link a computer and a mobile phone, start off by creating an ad hoc Wi-Fi network connection on the computer, and secure it with a strong password. Enable Wi-Fi on the mobile phone, and select the ad-hoc network just created. Enter the password to link the phone and computer wirelessly. Add the ad-hoc network to the list of saved networks on the mobile phone, and enable it to connect automatically whenever both devices are in range.